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Spiritual Mentoring / Awakening​

Coaching & Guiding you Through Awakening & Healing your Mind, Body & Soul; while Aiding the Development of Your Potential. This Spiritual Journey is About You; Your Self-Discovery, Self-Development, and Self-Improvement! Awaken and Actualize Yourself! 

Practices and Methods Passed On:

· Truth Testing – Know what’s in Your Highest & Best Interest & Discern the difference Between Fact and Fiction utilizing various Truth Testing methods while paying attention to your Intuition to ensure they’re In-Sync. Feel Balance in Knowing the Truth. 

· Energy Light Worker – Numerous Uses & Applications add Ease to Everyday Life. Some examples: Healing, Shielding/Protecting, Cleaning/Clearing. Optimize & Harmonize your Life. Create Maximum Comfort.

· Return to All Natural Based Nutritional Diet – Grocery shopping guide provided. Energetically matched detox program(s). A personalized Conversion Guide to Herbal Supplements & Vitamins is provided, if required; includes instructions and the necessary personal guidance. – Healing, Loving & Respecting your Temple Body.

· Energy Exercises - Open and Develop the Communication Pathways with the Universe. Communicate with All Living Souls Matter and Mass.

· Soul Exploration/Past Life Regression – Travel Back in Time to Discover, Understand, Forgive, and Let Go. Heal your Mind, Body & Soul.

· Dream Analysis – Discover your Dreams’ Meanings & Understand their Messages given to you by your subconscious mind. Tune into your Souls’ Life.

· Soul Enlightenment Discussions - Topic Specific to Random Requests. Explore what Resonates with and Interests You Most. These Journeyed Discussions Will Fill in the Pieces of Your Life’s Puzzle.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Ceremony

We have Seven Chakras in Our Body. These Chakras are our Body’s Communication System. Each Chakra Represents an Area of our body Exhibited by Physical Attributes and their Representative or Archetypical Feelings and Emotions. Our Lives are Challenged in so Many Ways and this Will Challenge our Chakras Along our Life’s Journey. It’s Stresses, a Car Accident, Death of a Loved One or other Tragic Event make our Chakras Dirty, Murky, Out of Balance and Misaligned. When this Happens our Body No Longer Communicates Effectively or Efficiently. Thus, various Negative Manifestations May Occur; from Countless Health Issues to a Denigration of Personal Demeanor. Enable your Body to Heal by Cleaning, Clearing, Balancing & Aligning your Chakras and Restoring your Body’s Communications System. 

These 7 Chakras are located as follows: 

  1. Root / Genitalia / Sexual Health, Sexuality
  2. Sacral / Below Bellybutton / Digestive System Functionality
  3. Solar Plexus / Below Rib-cage / Intuition Center, Dietary Health
  4. Heart / Chest / Feeling Center
  5. Throat / Neck / Self Expression, Verbal Communication
  6. Brow / Third Eye / Imagination & Visualization Center
  7. Crown / Top of Head / Communication & Data      Processing Center, Cognitive Ability 


  • Chakra Crystals Provided.

Light Body Activation / Awakening Ceremony

There are 12 Light Bodies; The Light Bodies Line Up with your Body's 7 Chakras and lesser known 5 Chakras - Invisible/Spiritual Outside Your Body. A Light Body is a Structure of Light from Higher Dimensions. Like the Physical Body they are a Vehicle for Consciousness. As your Physical Body contains Organs and Other Physical Structures, a Light Body contains Various Structures of Light. Once Activated the Light Bodies Will Begin to Heal you and thereby Evolving & Enhancing your Body while Heightening & Amplifying your Senses by Awakening your Dormant DNA Strands, aka: Junk DNA Strands. As you Discover, Practice and Communicate with your Light Bodies, you Will Develop your Consciousness & the Potential to Work with the Universes’ Energy. Further Development Will Enable You to Draw Upon your Souls’ Life Experiences; including Past, Present, Parallel, Future and a Combination thereof. Enable Communication with All Souls, Living & Spirit; i.e. Beings, Animals, Plants & Minerals, Matter & Mass. Awaken Consciousness & Heal Your Soul.

The 5 chakras outside your body are located as follows:

  1. Earth Star chakra - 12 inches below your feet​ 
  2. ​Energy Center chakra - 3-4 inches above the crown 
  3. Causal chakra - 3-4 inches above the crown at the back of the head
  4. Soul Star chakra - 6 inches above the crown
  5. Stellar Gateway chakra - 12 inches above the crown 


  • Pre-requisite: Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Ceremony.
  • Includes 36 hrs. of Spiritual Mentoring / Awakening. 
  • Includes Lifetime Revelations, Updates, & Notifications.
  • Chakra Crystals Provided.      

Energy Healing

Custom Energy Healing for Your Body using the Universes’ Healing Prana. Treat your Body to the Safest & Least Evasive Natural Healing.

​Note: Healing duration's will vary & are dependent on what needs healing and its current state, along with the Clients Personal Commitment level. Self-Discipline May be Required.

                                               AND / OR  

Have you ever Walked into a Room or Building and Felt Uncomfortable with a Dense Heaviness Around you? Unwanted Lost Souls– aka Ghosts, may Haunt it. There may be Negative Energy Lingering from Previous Occupants. Breath a Sign of Relief, by Getting the Negative Energy Neutralized & Harmonized. Feel Peaceful & Comfortable in Your Surroundings.


· Do you Have a Critical Issue You Want to Resolve? Is there Something You Wish You Had Said, Asked, or Discussed with a Loved One that has Crossed Over? Relieve Yourself from Guilt & Anxiety; Converse with the Person(s) who Hold(s) the Answers. Find your Peace and Serenity from the Conversation.

· Has Someone Crossed Over leaving a Mystery Behind? Are there Unresolved Questions from Clues with No One Alive to answer them? Contact the Soul that has Crossed Over, Ask your Questions. The Revelations Will Resolve Mysteries!