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Awakening Consciousness

About Carmelina

"An Unsuspected Awakening"

2001, I was involved in a head-on automobile collision. I was working in the corporate world as a Telecommunications Site Acquisition Consultant and maintaining 2 Real Estate Brokers Licenses. Between the stress and pressure of the corp. environment and the aliments, pain and suffering caused by the collision; I was positioned for a very toxic course with numerous health issues.  As my career grew more successful with each passing year so did the decline of my health. The following were the major aliments and conditions I lived with daily.  

  • Heavy Metal Toxic Poisoning
    (Primarily Lead, Mercury &   Arsenic) 
  • Fibromyalgia (Nerve & Muscle Disease) 
  • Compromised Testosterone Production
  • Compromised Adrenal Gland Function
  • Under-active Thyroid
  • Digestive Disorder
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Compromised Protein Conversion
  • T3, Vitamin D and Mineral Deficiencies


​Late 2012, Jennifer, a bartender friend referred me to McArthur, an Energy Healer, said it would benefit me, that he was a great healer. Hmmm, I hadn’t discussed my health issues with her. I was very skeptical; anyone can have titles attached to their name but not excel in their profession. I was not born with these aliments etc. and had a strong belief I could naturally be restored to optimal conditions minus some of life’s normal wears and tears. Desperate to restore my health, I called for an appointment.

Appt. mid Nov. 2012, I didn’t volunteer any information; just answered McArthur’s questions as I wanted to hear what he picked up from my energy.  To my surprise, he picked up on a hip injury that occurred when I was 11 years old; I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle.  By the end of the session, I was astounded…….he corrected my hip alignment.  No doctor had ever been able to correct this.

Then, I recalled that at 13 years old, I had realized there was power in thought. I had moved a cup across my dresser with the power of my thoughts. So excited, I told my friends and family. The responses were mostly negative and dismissive. I didn’t want to be an outcast so I stopped thinking about it and didn’t discuss again.

February 2013, I went to see McArthur again to see if I could heal further. That year I had my Light Bodies installed, gridded and activated. By the end of September, I was no longer taking any medications and supplements. I took the best care possible of myself and the Universes Healing Energy did its part. All my aliments and conditions were healed; I haven’t needed to see a Doctor since! I feel so Thankful & Blessed…….Doctors had told me there was no cure for an underactive thyroid or fibromyalgia!!!

I was extremely energized, felt as though I had to do something. Compelled, I ask McArthur why, he guided me to a book written by Barbara Marciniak, entitled ‘Bringers of the Dawn’, said it was a guide and would explain things. I read that book with thirst and its pages quenched. It really is a guide………………to self-discovery. What I read in some of the pages was about the healing and awakening transformation that I had been and was experiencing since my Light Bodies were Activated. Astounded it made me pause to contemplate the various realizations.

End of September 2013, I resigned from the corp. environment.

I have Awakened my Consciousness using the Universes Energy and continue to develop my dormant abilities. There are numerus books, media etc. that can be helpful in realizing ones’ potential and to deepen understanding of the Universes Energy. All are different and not all are equal….so what is true, accurate and beneficial? I learned to discern the differences utilizing various truth testing methods and by paying attention to my intuition, making sure they were in sync. I remember thinking, “Wow, I stumbled upon a gold mine!" The course of my life changed and history is getting rewritten.

I’m drinking from the Universes well of knowledge quenching my thirst. I draw upon all my soul’s life experiences. I communicate with all Spirit; beings, animals, plants & minerals etc.……..all living souls, matter and mass. And my journey continues……….

I studied under Peter Sebastiano, a Pleiadian from the star cluster Pleiades, aka Seven Sisters in 2013. Thank you, Peter, for your encouragement, guidance and patience during our late-night sessions, it’s been a heartfelt journey. Thank you for opening my eyes to the Universe, I love you very much!!!

I’ve studied with and under Master Teacher, Arch Angel Metatron, since 2013. I thank you kindly, Metatron, for your continued encouragement, fine tutelage and patience when I repeatedly challenge you and us………I love you tons!!!

One of my favorite abilities is communicating with Mother Goddess, Creator of Planet Earth. Thank you Mother Goddess for your wise guidance and entertaining my debates……….I love you tons!!!

In 2015, I met and conversed with the planet Mercury and the Universe, our Prime Creator. I have much to learn from them and am looking forward to my celestial lessons! Much love and gratitude!!!

I continue to feel blessed and grateful knowing that I am One with the Universe and that Boundless Love is the Answer!!!

My Mission is to Awaken your Consciousness so you can Heal your Mind, Body & Soul while Benefiting from the Universes bountiful Energy……..in turn Healing Earth one soul at a time!!!